INSM1 insulinoma-associated 1(NM_002196)
in situ hybridisation

Data Images
HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068
Embryo 10875, slide 079, section 02. Embryo 10598, slide 031, section 04. Embryo 10598, slide 048, section 03. Embryo 10734, slide 006, section 11. Embryo 10734, slide 010, section 04.
HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068
Embryo 10734, slide 014, section 02. Embryo 10846, slide 078, section 02. Embryo 10875, slide 003, section 11. Embryo 10875, slide 015, section 05. Embryo 10875, slide 030, section 03.
HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068 HuDSeN:1068
Embryo 10875, slide 037, section 05. Embryo 10875, slide 063, section 03. Embryo 10875, slide 078, section 01.
Expression pattern clarity: three stars
The original images, scanned at high resolution, are available at username: hudsen password: See1Tuesday
Detection Reagent
Type:in situ hybridisation probe
Entity Detected:INSM1, insulinoma-associated 1(NM_002196)
Sequence:nt 440 - nt 660 of NM_002196
Probe generated from:genomic
Carnegie Stage:CS20
Expression Pattern Description
Text Annotation:
nasal cavity epithelium
strong strong
not applicable
trigeminal v ganglion
strong strong
not applicable
strong strong
not applicable
vagal x ganglion
strong strong
not applicable
glossopharyngeal ix ganglion
strong strong
not applicable
inner ear
strong strong
not applicable
strong strong
not applicable
spinal cord
strong strong
not applicable
vestibulocochlear viii ganglion
strong strong
not applicable
strong strong
not applicable
Fixation:4% paraformaldehyde
Staining procedure:alkaline phosphatase + NBT/BCIP
General Information
Principal investigator:Dr. Jaime García-Añoveros, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, Chicago, USA Illinois 60611
Submitted by:Janet Kerwin, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University, International Centre for Life, Central Parkway, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK NE1 3BZ
Experiment type:non-screen
References:PMID:18205207 Duggan A, Madathany T, de Castro SC, Gerrelli D, Guddati K, García-Añoveros J 2008 Transient expression of the conserved zinc finger gene INSM1 in progenitors and nascent neurons throughout embryonic and adult neurogenesis. J Comp Neurol (507):1497-520
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