IRX1 iroquois homeobox 1(BC029160)
in situ hybridisation

Data Images
HuDSeN:1003 HuDSeN:1003 HuDSeN:1003 HuDSeN:1003 HuDSeN:1003
Fetus 10912, hand, slide 21, section 2. Fetus 10775, arm, slide 1, section 2. Fetus 10775, foot, slide 8, section 3. Fetus 10775, hand, slide 26, section 5. Fetus 10898, hand, slide 28, section 3.
Expression pattern clarity: three stars
The original images, scanned at high resolution, are available at username: hudsen password: See1Tuesday
Detection Reagent
Type:in situ hybridisation probe
Entity Detected:IRX1, iroquois homeobox 1(BC029160)
Sequence:Partial sequence(s): BC029160
Probe generated from:genomic
Notes:1609 bp fragment
Carnegie Stage:8PCW
Expression Pattern Description
Fixation:4% paraformaldehyde
Staining procedure:alkaline phosphatase + NBT/BCIP
General Information
Principal investigator:Prof. Cheryll Tickle, Dept. of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath, 4 South, Claveton Down, Bath, UK BA2 7AY
Submitted by:Janet Kerwin, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University, International Centre for Life, Central Parkway, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK NE1 3BZ
Experiment type:non-screen
References:PMID:20408909 McDonald LA, Gerrelli D, Fok Y, Hurst LD, Tickle C 2010 Comparison of Iroquois gene expression in limbs/fins of vertebrate embryos. J Anat (216):683-91
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